Friendship Pyramid Structure

Friends are very important people in our lives. It goes without saying that when family isn’t around, it is the people close to you at a particular time that form your least temporarily. Making friends is an art that one is either born with or doesn’t possess. It is easier for some people to make friends more than others. Sometimes it is your character that enables you to make friends in any environment.

School was the best testing ground to determine if one is likable or not. High school especially was quite challenging. As a student, one encounters people from all corners of Kenya. Teenagers from all walks of life placed in a similar environment with the same annoying and mostly boring teachers. It proves especially challenging to make even one decent friend.

 University comes next. Personally I think the friendships that one forms in campus should be lifelong in nature. From experience I can state with authority (whatever little I have😂) that campus isn’t about learning but about the experiences that you encounter. Nobody ever remembers those boring quantitative analysis classes but trust me you’ll remember that party that some random chic twerked on you and as a proud member of the team mafisi battalion you took home with you.

Such experiences make you bond with strangers and you end up becoming friends for eternity. Worth noting however, is the fact that alliances shift everyday like a politician’s promise. It is easy to be caught up in other people’s dramas and issues if you don’t take care of who you associate with.

You will realize that as you progress from freshman year towards clearing school friends tend to disappear one by one. Priorities change and alliances shift overnight. Some guys get girlfriends and girls get boyfriends(ones of the major reasons of breaking contact with friends) and forget themselves. Priorities will make one forget completely about some of the people you feel are bringing you down. Some get part-time jobs then it proves to be hard to balance between hanging out and hustling.

Through all this, friends that last for long prove to be lifelong companionships. One other thing I realized is that friendship between members of the opposite sex  lasts longer and tend to be more loyal and deeper(or is it just me?😂). 

Choose friends wisely my young friends. Ensure it is people who want you to achieve more and those who bring balance to your life.


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