I am at that stage in life whereby I’m no longer surprised by people disappointing me.I’ve grown up to be insulated to the shock of this because it is the people I hold most dear that do the most damage to my heart.

It hurts so much,trust me but with time I learned not to invest a lot of emotions in people. I evaluate somebody a lot before letting them into my inner circle. This evaluation is more strict when it comes to members of the opposite sex (yeah ladies, I’m talking about you😂😂).

It hurts so much when a chic breaks your heart especially after you have given your all into that relationship.I know I’m too young to be talking about this stuff but as my best friend usually tells me,it’s better to experience these hard moments when young and one will grow tougher as you get older.

Get used to being disappointed people,even people you love will do it in the largest proportions. From Africa( The motherland) I sign out.


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