Keep it moving

 This is my first time to blog and honestly I don’t even know what I’m doing. Anyway I’m going to write what I feel is going on in my life that I need to lift of my chest.

I’m at that point in life that I feel so worthless,nothing is working out for me; and by nothing I mean completely nothing. You might wonder what what the hell this guy(me) is talking about,you might think that you also have your own set of problems. There’s one thing everyone needs to understand;everyone on this planet has there own sets of problems that they feel are life threatening, for some people these tribulations are worse than those of others.

As my best in high school used to tell me, no matter what your problem is there is someone experiencing a bigger challenge than you in life. I am going to share a story that was once narrated to me by a random person(honestly I don’t remember who) about facing challenges in life.

There was once a guy,let’s call him Maleek. He had a successful career as an accountant in a up and coming consultation firm. Maleek had a beautiful wife but was yet to have children since the marriage was young. Life was going right for him,he was anticipating a promotion at work and this of course came with a large salary raise and allowances. He thought he had it all figured out when tragedy suddenly struck.

There was a huge amount of money missing from the company coffers. The firm brought in forensic auditors to investigate the issue and follow the paper trail of the missing money. After a while he was called by the firm’s CEO to his office. He found sifted in the office were three board members. He was informed of the missing money and asked whether he new anything about it. Maleek denied knowing anything about the missing money. The CEO showed him documents and evidence showing that he was the one who transfered the large amounts of money to an account bearing his name.

Maleek was more than dumbfounded. The CEO and the board members told him to come clean but since he didn’t know anything about the missing money, he denied involvement. The CEO gave him a employment termination letter and was told he is lucky the firm wasn’t pressing charges.

Maleek was more than devastated by this news,he went home and told his wife what had transpired. The wife asked him how they were going to live after him losing him loosing their source of income. Maleek tried to assure his wife that he had saved up some cash and that he would start looking for a new job. He started looking for a job but couldn’t find one,the country was in a recession and there were no jobs available.

The wife, accustomed to a lavish lifestyle couldn’t take this situation anymore.She instituted divorce proceedings and before long was gone from Maleek’s life. He was heartbroken since this was the lowest point he had ever been in his life.

Maleek however wasn’t someone who gave up easily and started plotting ways to bounce back again, bigger and better. He used his last savings to buy a food vending cart(mkokoteni) that he used to sell fresh fruits from. He also vended samosas,smokies,eggs and ‘mutura’. Business was hard at first but he persevered through the slow period and continued to rise early to go to the market to look for materials to sell later on in the day. Business was slow but picked up after a while.

It was during this time that he met with a beautiful lady just out of college who was looking for a job. He employed her at his small businesses. They developed chemistry and before long they were in love. The small businesse meanwhile flourished as he put in more work everyday.


After eight months he opened a medium sized restaurant with his savings over the time. He left his girlfriend to manage the food vending business as he concentrated on the restaurant. The restaurant picked up quickly since it sold delicious and affordable food and was located at a prime place that was convenient to office workers. Within no time he was making profits that were three times his salary.

Maleek tied the knot with his girlfriend Debbie the next year. Life was going on pretty well despite the life threatening setback he had suffered a while back. The couple were blessed with a baby girl after some time and business flourished to unprecedented heights.

One morning while driving to work his former CEO called him informing him that further investigation had been carried out in the firm and the real culprit had been apprehended. He was therefore cleared of all the charges. The firm’s board was requesting that he go back to work. Maleek politely turned down the offer even after being promised that his salary would be doubled.He continued working at his business as it grew even further.

This right here is a story of someone who overcame his problems by not burying his head in the sand but by facing his troubles head on. It might not be easy to work through one’s challenges but perseverance takes you to the desired destination

Hope you enjoyed my first blog. Many more awesome stuff will be coming your way soon.


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